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The project focused on the further development of the professional activities felnőtt nő találkozó organisations involved in the partnership and mutually becoming acquainted with the best practices applied in the topics of cooperation system of organisations, the organisation of trainings aimed for competence development, curriculum development, the sensitising of professionals engaged in development and those in a position to improve the situation low-skilled adults, and in further professional trainings.

The meeting in Hungary in September was implemented in an online form due to the world pandemic while at all the other venues project staff was at present.

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The exchange of experiences was realised in the form of holding 2-day transnational partnership meetings in each 6 partner country with the attendance of all partners. During the meetings, apart from carrying out project management related tasks, the hosting organisations presented the best practices, methods and the experiences of implementation applied by them or with organisations cooperating with them in the field of adult education that are in accordance with the project aims.

Presenting the methods was practice-oriented, besides receiving theoretical pieces of information, the participants could meet people implementing as well as participating in the programme in the form of on-site visits.

The meeting in Hungary held in September was implemented in an online form due to the world pandemic while at all the other venues project staff was at present. Methods seen and acquired during the meetings could be further studied in more details between subsequent meetings, professional consultations and exchange of professional materials were continuous all throughout the entire project cycle.

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One of the major results of the project is the Brochure of Best Practices presenting the methods and approaches applied by the partner organisations and the results and experiences of their operation in ismerkedés fotók. In the document 2 best practices per partner country, in case of Hungary 3 programmes due to the 3 partners, are described to the reader. During the implementation, measuring impact received special attention.

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In felnőtt nő találkozó second half of the project, each partner selected at least one or some elements of the best practices seen, the testing and later adaptation and application of which they considered to significantly improve their own professional work and the network of stakeholders. The results published are recommended for any organisation and professional responsible for the project topics because they offer beneficial guidelines related to acquiring basic skills and thus motivation towards participating in lifelong learning, the activity can be supported in any of the EU member states.

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