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Viktor Orbán Hungarian politician, chairman of Fidesz I suppose it is naive to be shocked jill biden know anything from Fox News and its prime-time star Tucker Carlson. But even though I have been arguing for years that Fox News is a propaganda outlet and not a news organization, I was shocked by the kind of pure, unadulterated propaganda Carlson was delivering on behalf of autocratic Prime Minister Viktor Orbán last week during shows broadcast from Hungary.

Not exactly.

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We need someone like Orbán to lead America out of that darkness. Meanwhile, Carlson depicted Biden as an enemy of Hungary.

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Last week, we found out more about how relentless Trump was between the election in Nov. News about his efforts to use the Justice Department to help in this effort is chilling. His continued efforts to push the Big Lie and raise money for a return to the White House continue.

And he has the most popular host in prime-time cable news TV going to new lengths to help him. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting Recommended Stories.

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