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Optimization and modernization with IPC technology increase press throughput Oct 27, Optimization and modernization with IPC technology increase press throughput PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology powers a multi-station press line nő keresés stampes the automotive industry The Chinese system integrator Aotto uses PC-based control from Beckhoff to enable individual presses and punches in a production line to work together in a coordinated manner.

An Industrial PC acts as the motion controller and central control system. It ensures fail-safe operation, an optimized production process and maximum plant throughput.

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Sophisticated feeding technology is key to maximizing production throughput in a press automation system. The company Aotto Automation Co. At the core of the plant is the automated feeding system of the multi-station press, which consists of a punch press, a three-coordinate feeding system, an optical component identification system and intelligent sequential control.

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Stamped parts for automotive industry suppliers are produced in a multi-station press line. Optimizing process cycles, increasing efficiency Punching takes place in several steps, at four or five stations.

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The automatic multi-station feeding system is adapted to the production cycle of the presses and improves the overall efficiency. Aotto relies on components from Beckhoff for its control system to optimize the complete line and its process cycles, nő keresés stampes minimizing downtime. The result is a flexible and easily upgradeable motion control system with an intuitive operator interface via a built-in CP multi-touch Control Panel.

Lefordítod a leírást magyar Magyarország nyelvre a Google Fordító segítségével? Nessun abbonamento. Nessun impegno. Solo stampe gratuite! E se desideri due, tre o più copie stampate di una foto, puoi ordinarle a un costo aggiuntivo bassissimo.

The impressive performance of the C as a control computer for the entire production line is reflected in the wide range of tasks it handles: synchronized control of the AM servomotors during material feed between the individual stations, cam plate control between feeder and press, monitoring of the entire production line, and communication with the HMI.

The free choice of topology and combinability of lines, branches and drop lines is particularly advantageous in this context. The installation of the control components directly at each station also makes it easier for the operator to maintain the hardware and software.

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Furthermore, the control software of the entire system is integrated into a control computer, so the production management system can optimize the production efficiency. Efficient drive technology with One Cable Technology The automatic multi-station feeding line is the most widely used part feeding system for production lines in the automotive industry.

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It is based on the three-coordinate format of the X-Y-Z axes and is characterized by fast, highly efficient production cycles. Two gripper arms pick up and transport the workpieces in synchronized cycles from one station to the next.

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The AX Servo Drives and AM servomotors used for this purpose perform the clamping processes synchronously and feed the dual grippers simultaneously. Not only do both grippers move synchronously during the normal production process, but they also remain synchronized in the event of a sudden power failure until the system is restarted.

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This prevents the material from being deformed by asynchronous movement of the two arms. This significantly reduces material and commissioning costs and reduces the risk of miswiring.

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