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Ndar társkereső vagy lépj be, hogy meg tudjuk mutatni, mennyiben feleltek meg egymás keresési feltételeinek!

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Regisztrálok A friendly heart and humor I am a high school teacher in Germany. I am looking for a nice woman from the age of at least 25 years to a maximum of 32 years for a serious relationship.

I ask you to take these age limits carefully into account when making a letter. Unfortunately, I do not speak Hungarian, you can write me in German or English.

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I look forward to your answers. I am very interested in everything.

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I love books and also write books about the history of my homeland myself. I'm also interested in archeology and model making. You can also watch the stars in the sky at my telescope with a glass of wine in my hand at night.

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Sometimes I also work as D. I have a good D. Equipment perfect lighting system. In the long school holidays I love traveling to foreign countries eg China and Thailand I already visitedotherwise I like to walk in nature.

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Maybe ndar társkereső can fly to Australia together once, because I have not seen this country yet. I provide you with all the evidence that my dating is serious.

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