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Nagyon hosszú csend. Nagyon érdekes. Hosszú csend.

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Egészen el is feledtem a kedves édesapát. Ki küldte magát ide?

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Mert ha ismertem volna netán, akkor magától értetődő módon készséggel nyújtanék bármily felvilágosítást. Mert mintha elfelejtett volna bemutatkozni kedvesem.

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Ez nem illik. Amit itt talál, vigye.

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Legalább nem kell nekem. És műveletlen. Egy közönséges kis pribék.

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És most halott. Egy paraszt. Ha jól számolom, már rendesen elrohad a helyén.

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The playwright's note appended to the manuscript version of the play When I die. Then you can say something has ended.

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Because I had actually contemplated it. I couldn't rid myself of the thought. Though it wasn't really a thought, but more like a picture.

Az ettől eltérő fordítást külön jeleztük. Minden jog fenntartva. A könyv bármely részének felhasználásához vagy sokszorosításához a kiadó előzetes, írott engedélye szükséges, kivéve rövid idézeteket. Felelős vezető: Vágó Magdolna vezérigazgató Tartalom 2.

In the theater I am not interested in the story. And I am not interested in so-called thoughts. These things belong in the domain of literature and philosophy.

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In the theater Translating megismerni valakit am interested in the evolving system of relationships between living bodies. The picture of the bodies, but not in the sense the word is used in art history.

How language shapes the way we think - Lera Boroditsky

I am interested in the moving image of living bodies. Which can't be compared to translating megismerni valakit either, because it cannot be reproduced and it cannot be preserved.

Szent Ágoston idézet ( idézet) | Híres emberek ídzetei

I am interested in the visual sensation that springs from the sensuality of the human body. Every moment, the sensation of what the other is feeling, and whether I'm feeling the same thing. Which shapes itself into a story of sorts, of course, and from the story may come a thought. And so I tried to create a skeleton of words that would allow the actor's body to dominate the stage and not the text, the story, the thought, nor some philosophy.

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Granted, this thing is very primitive. When two people are talking, their gestures, the light in their eyes, the temperature and translating megismerni valakit of their bodies, the rhythm of their breathing is much more important than what they say to each other in words. There was a moment in my life when I avoided my own death by using my memory and calling tragedy tragedy.

And translating megismerni valakit I wrote a tragedy. In short, I started with the premise—and this too is a very primitive thing—that the theater is not literature, and it's not life.

The theater is very theatrical! In which case, let it be theatrical! And why couldn't I use music the way the Antique tragedians had done?

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After all, opera is the only dramatic form that has preserved our natural inclination for the theatrical. Read translator's note What did not happen is as revealing of the nature of things as what did happen.

There was no doubt in my mind that I was witnessing something of such deep barát vagy flörtöl and perfection that I would have to translating megismerni valakit it at the very earliest opportunity. Encounter had to be available in English; what would happen after that would be another matter.

After the curtain came down I went backstage to congratulate the actors and the director, whom I knew, and as luck would have it, ran into Péter Nádas. In the short, stuffy corridor where the four dressing rooms are located, I rather awkwardly collared Nádas, telling him that I would like to translate his play, and he gave me his blessing. I saw Encounter three more times; I wanted to make sure that nothing would be lost in the translation.

Naturally, I also told them about my plans and gave them a copy of Encounter, saying translating megismerni valakit I vip menyasszony düsseldorf try to find a theater for it. Before long—and let me skip the details—an award-winning English director, fresh from working on Sweeney Todd on Broadway, and the New York based Threshold Theater Company, were both ready to start production of the play.

The English director sent the actress who would play Maria to go over the script with me here in Budapest, while the Threshold Theater Company waited patiently for John Malkovich to finish his stint on Broadway so he could play the Young Man. Remember, this was twenty-five years ago.

I never asked them why. This was the Kádár era, and given the profoundly, though not directly political content of Nádas's writings and the influence of his integrity, it wasn't all that difficult to guess. Also, I've been intrigued ever since by the relationship I seemed to see between the silence enforced from the outside and the silence that is one of the play's main characters.


Judith Sollosy Read bios Péter Nádas b. All three one-act plays posit a new kind of theater that in Nádas's own words is not literary but physical—an opera of words, a ballet of movements, minimalist, bare, heavy with pregnant silences imprisoned by space and time. They also evidence Nádas's masterful use of minute movements on stage, which he considers the basic forms of human contact.

Péter Nádas is the recipient of the Kossuth Prize as well as numerous prestigious international prizes, including the Soros Foundation Artist's Prize and Brücke Berlin Prize, among others. He lives and works in the small Hungarian village of Gombosszeg. For thirty years she was senior editor at Corvina Books, Budapest.

She is also the author of Hunglish Into Englisha book on translation.

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Her chapters on 20th century American culture and literature are included in Netting America, an Internet college textbook. In she was guest editor for the Hungarian issue of Words without Borders.

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Her fascination with the theater began when she saw her first play at the age of five. Since then she has translated fifty-two radio plays as well as a dozen plays into English for publication and the stage. Two of her play translations into Hungarian, A.